Random Forest Simplified

Random Forest Simplified,As we had seen in the previous article, decision trees are a powerful, intuitive and simple to use class of machine learning algorithms, they can be applied for both classification and regression tasks, and generally make very few assumptions about the data, we also learnt how to create our own trees for classifying […]

Random forests

Random Forests Simplified

Random Forests Simplified Random Forests simplified article explains about concept related to machine learning in simplified way.Machine Learning as a domain is not as volatile as it had been for the past decade, things have settled down and some industry accepted best-practices have emerged. It feels as though a lot of the 90s was spent on […]

1X1 Convolutions

Types of Convolutions

Types of Convolutions,we could very well compare unstructured data (images, text, audio…) to dark matter. It’s sheer amount far exceeds that of all structured data present, but we’ve always had a hard time computing on these datasets to produce meaningful information. That is until year 2012 when the movie aptly named “2012” was released, the […]

Markov Decision Processes

Markov Decision Processes Markov Decision Processes is framework developed by a man aptly named, Markov. It follows the Markov assumption that The current state of the world, depends on only one state, the present, and the actions taken in that state. A common misconception based on the above paragraph might be, that an MDP is […]

P-Value Controversy

P-Value Controversy

P-Value Controversy P-Value Controversy,one of the most common statistical measures that accompanies prediction results is being misused, its significance is becoming over-hyped and maybe its over-representation is leading to its demise, yes readers we are talking about the p-value. For those of you who are new to the concept of p-value, let us begin right […]