Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics Social Media Analytics,In recent days,there are lots of buzz around social media data and insights.You will be hearing buzz words like engagement,likes,shares,post,feeds etc..Marketers around the world always puzzled on how to reduce the marketing expenses and increase the ROI. Social media is the place where you can spend less and get more […]

Understanding Social Media Analytics

Social Intelligence for Enterprise

Social Intelligence for Enterprise Social Intelligence for Enterprise: Enterprises understand their customers and followers better today through Social integration. Increased spend observed to invite social intelligence and create platforms for analysis.  Historically research and analysis of information from social domain is steered by business leaders with a limited participation from Information technology leaders. As the […]

Social Media Analytics Tools

social media analytics tools

social media analytics tools Social Media Analytics tools,Following are the websites/companies providing the free social media analytics reports .However, those reports can still be pulled out from Facebook Insights,Twitter API , Youtube API.The number of such firms are growing day by day.It’s interesting note that fact that offering of such platforms remains are somewhat similar. Keyhole, […]

Analytics for Social Media

Understanding Social Media Analytics

Understanding Social Media Analytics Understanding Social Media Analytics,Recent days,social media gathered so much attention among enterprise.It’s so much that ,we still talking about the buzz word all around.Unlike ERP,CRM or BI,there is no common standards among Social media .Enterprises are struggling to find meaningful information around.No common standards,hence every organisation looks at the social media […]