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Free Social Media Analytics For Indian Hospitals

Free Social Media Analytics For Indian Hospitals:

Free Social Media Analytics For Indian Hospitals,Indian Hospital sector started utilising the social media for the following purpose.

  • Promotion
  • Customer service
  • Branding
  • New Product Launch
  • Purchase Intent

Indian Hospitals uses Facebook  as preferred platform.Though twitter is used ,its only used 5-10% across Hospital industry.As per 80-20 rule,its wise to analyse engagement across facebook for Hospital  Industry. We have planned to analyse following Hospitals  in India and update this is weekly digest so ,that respective report users can visit weekly and get the updates weekly.We only used the publicly available data from facebook and facebook insight.

Common Questions Answered are :

  • Where are my fans located ?
  • Who are my influencers ?
  • Which is the best time to post ?
  • High engagement (Video vs Picture)?
  • Hows my Engagement across platforms?


  • With the help of free reports Enterprise can get an understanding of where they stand on social media platform
  • Analyse fans,follower-ship,Engagement rate on given time period
  • Enterprise can plan the investments on choosing the right social media platform
  • Enterprises can understand and plan posting strategy
  • Basic metrics like tweets,mentions,fan page count still a better options to baseline


  • Still require lots of efforts to analyse the Youtube,facebook and Twitter data together.
  • Metrics does not give holistic way of looking at the social media platform
  • No weights given for metrics hence difficult to say whats important
  • There is no concrete analysis one can do with the data.Many of it can pulled from Facebook insights and twitter REST API
  • There is no statistical means of viewing data
  • Even the paid versions of the tools gives less visibility on Analytics per say.
  • It’s still Operation report not analytical report 🙁

Hence Enterprise should come-out of what they really looking out in the tools to make proper ROI(%).Otherwise its “Yet another Spend” for Enterprise with limited value.

Following are the Top 5 Hospitals in India :


2.  Christian Medical College

3.  Apollo

4.  Fortis


We will be providing the following in the report:

1.Fan Distribution :

Free Social Media Analytics For Indian Hospitals
Free Social Media Analytics For Indian Hospitals

2.Page Analysis:

Apollo Hospitals Page Analysis
Apollo Hospitals Page Analysis

3.Post Analysis:

Apollo Hospitals Post Analysis
Apollo Hospitals Post Analysis

4. User Analysis:

Apollo Hospitals User Analysis
Apollo Hospitals User Analysis



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