Analytics for Social Media

Social Media Analytics PPT

Social Media Analytics PPT

Social Media Analytics PPT, we found some interesting slides in on social media analytics.It’s interesting to note that some of the analysis talks about beyond facebook and twitter.The lack of understanding about social media is still an issue for many organisation.

Social Media strategy is very clumsy in today’s enterprise.Even,today its difficult to marry a enterprise and social media data and make sense out of it.There is no clear definition of ROI and metrics.

There are more than 50+ useful social media platform exist.However,to understand each one of them and make sense out of it. is a nightmare. Organisation should have separate social media team to track the same.To store this unstructured data and make reasonable sense out of the platforms is still a challenge.To show the real value out social media investment,organisation should have clear cut SMART GOALS in mind.We like the way the following articles are structured.Many of them are useful and it could be helpful for the social media team

Social Media Analytics PPT
Social Media Analytics PPT

1.Demystifying Social Media Analytics

2. What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You

3. Social Media Analytics and ROI Tracking

4. Measuring Success on Facebook,Twitter & Linkedin

5. Analytics for Social Media


6.Using Social Media Analytics

7. Beyond Facebook and Twitter

8. Why Social Media is important for CPG industry

9. Simplify 360 Degree:

10. Ten things Brands should stop doing on facebook

We have narrated  some of the interesting slideshare PPT above.It’s imperative to understand the social media platform in detail.Social listening is important to listen to the customers,vendors voices through social media.

Nurturing the new customer,solving customer problem are the top most priorities for an organisation through social media.The above slideshow covers the important topics around facebook and twitter analytics.



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