Social Media Analytics Tools

social media analytics tools

social media analytics tools

Social Media Analytics tools,Following are the websites/companies providing the free social media analytics reports .However, those reports can still be pulled out from Facebook Insights,Twitter API , Youtube API.The number of such firms are growing day by day.It’s interesting note that fact that offering of such platforms remains are somewhat similar.

Keyhole, Social bakers,Brand watch , Hootsuite, Sproutsocial

Common Questions Answered are :

  • Where are my fans located ?
  • Who are my influencers ?
  • Which is the best time to post ?
  • High engagement (Video vs Picture)?
  • Hows my Engagement across platforms?


  • With the help of free reports Enterprise can get an understanding of where they stand on social media platform
  • Analyse fans,follower-ship,Engagement rate on given time period
  • Enterprise can plan the investments on choosing the right social media platform
  • Enterprises can understand and plan posting strategy
  • Basic metrics like tweets,mentions,fan page count still a better options to baseline


  • Still require lots of efforts to analyse the Youtube,facebook and Twitter data together.
  • Metrics does not give holistic way of looking at the social media platform
  • No weights given for metrics hence difficult to say whats important
  • There is no concrete analysis one can do with the data.Many of it can pulled from Facebook insights and twitter REST API
  • There is no statistical means of viewing data
  • Even the paid versions of the tools gives less visibility on Analytics per say.
  • It’s still Operation report not analytical report 🙁

Hence Enterprise should come-out of what they really looking out in the tools to make proper ROI(%).Otherwise its “Yet another Spend” for Enterprise with limited value.

Based my experience roughly all of the website covers following following metric in the free social media reports.

1.Total Page fans:

Facebook fans are analysed with the help of Graph API and using Insights we can drive at metrics like total fans.

social media analytics tools
social media analytics tools









2.Engagement Score

Engagement score is defined as Like+share+comment for given post on a given time frame.Calculating the likes and comments are little tricky as facebook does not provide any direct ways to do so.Hence one should use looping query to get the fact properly

3.Engagement Rate

Engagement rate is defined as Like+Share+Comment for given post and its tracked as % of overall posts on given time period.

4.PTAT : People Talking About That

This metric is quite confusing as it takes in account of any activity which includes sharing the page,any share in other networks,mentions etc.

5.Total Tweets,Mentions

This metric is derived using Twitter API and widely used as measure to find number of tweets,mentions and Retweets

6.Sample of the Summary Reports(Benchmark Example)

Insights Famous Retailer Competition
Distribution of fans Most of the fans are from X Region

Very less number of fans about 3k

Most of the fans are from Y Region

300k+ fan base.

Growth of fans Average growth of fans for April 2013.

But is low compared to competitor.

Good growth of fans for April 2013
Engagement distribution Though photos are powerful mode, there is a need to entertain users by different types of posts such as links, votes, ,promotions ,status, video etc. Is aggressive in engaging more with fans.
Engagement rate with fans Engagement rate very low (0.03%) compared to industry standard.

Average engagement rate can be improved by devising various methods – offers, discounts, coupons etc.

Engagement rate with fans quite high close to 4% of the Industry standard.
Collaboration Insight on users indicates that Retailer representative / admin collaborates well with users – providing responses, comments, Q&A etc. Also user interactivity between the users is average Quite the same.

7.Top Influencer reports

Free Social Media Analytics Report
Free Social Media Analytics Report


Though there are more than 25-30 Social Media Analytics available in the market.It’s always tricky to choose one.Enterprise ends up finding difficult to choose one as most of this vendor offer similar functionality due to API limitations .Enterprise should clearly define what they really looking out from this tools rather “Too fancy on the outputs and crowd pull” .

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